What do we know about parties?

Some of you may have heard of our brand Jaq's before.  That's because we have been running a successful children's soft play centre in Bristol for nearly 4 years.  We now have a booming Birthday party trade - many of which we cater for food and party bags.  This is how we came up with the idea of Jaq's Party supplies - not only do we already have the contacts and suppliers in place but we also know what people like to see and the value they expect to get.


About Jaq's the brand

As already mentioned, Jaq's Leisure Ltd, is a soft play centre located in Westerleigh just outside of Bristol.  We launched nearly 4 years ago as a Husband and Wife partnership - Andy and Lorna.  Andy had a business management background while Lorna is a qualified Teaching assistant so the decision to launch a soft play was ideal. 

Ever since the idea was conceived we have had the customer in mind - in fact our logo was designed by a young boy as part of a launch competition.

Jaq's Leisure logo

We opened in February 2014 and straight away it was clear that we had found a gap in the local market.  We have worked really hard to build up a regular clientele and even forged some great friendships with customers.  September is always a sad time as we say goodbye to those that are leaving to head off to school, but we also see it as a time to welcome new customers.  It's great to see the children grow and develop while they are playing.

Over the course of time we have built up our experience of birthday parties and most weekends are jam packed with people celebrating. 

Why Party supplies?

With so many people coming to us to celebrate and over the course of time we have bought and put together thousands of party bags.  So of course the question was Why not?!  

It seemed a natural progression to be able to supply our customers party bags and then that is when this online shop came around to widen our audience and be able to supply party bags to anywhere in the country.  As we started bringing in new suppliers, of course came new products so we now have a huge range of plates, cups, tablecloths and decorations available and in many different themes.

But we will never stay static and we will keep adding new products all the time.  We also pride ourselves on being reactive and flexible, so if you are looking to host a party but cant see what you are looking for - get in touch!  We will always do what we can to source things.

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into Jaq's and hopefully we will be part of your parties in the future.